A Day in the Life of a Bender Driver

Imagine you have just been hired by Bender Transportation, an established company that has been disrupting the norms of the trucking industry for close to 40 years. You are a mixture of excited and nervous for your first day of driving tomorrow, but you are unsure what it’s going to look like. Well don’t you worry—here is what your day as a driver for Bender Transportation could look like!

Up and Ready in the Morning

You start your day pretty early to make sure you have time to complete your pick-ups and drop-offs for the day and get home by the afternoon. 90% of Bender drivers are able to spend the night at their own homes every night, so your morning routine is much more comfortable than that of the average CDL driver. 

You wake yourself up with a nice shower and home-cooked breakfast before heading to Bender headquarters to pick up your first load for the day around 6 AM. Before you start driving, you make sure to do your vehicle/load inspection to ensure a safe trip to your destination. 

Many Bender clients are only a few hours away, so you may get the chance to finish your first load before the morning is over. This load happens to be drop and hook, so before you know it, you are hooking on your next load and heading off to your new destination.

Smooth Driving into the Afternoon

By afternoon, you are already on your way to your second destination with your second and final load of the day. You take a break at a rest stop to eat the lunch that you were able to make and pack for yourself the night before, so you don’t have to buy food on the road. 

Because this is your last load of the day and it’s only early afternoon, you are able to safely drive at your own pace without having to rush to your next destination. This load is a live load, so you have to stay while your trailer is unloaded. But thanks to Bender’s XRS platform and communication, the warehouse is able to quickly unload your truck, so you can start your journey home by 3 PM.

An Evening with Family

Bender Transportation values flexible scheduling, and because you prefer to work mornings, you were able to make it home by dinner time. This is one of Bender’s core values as we strive to make everyone who drives for us feel comfortable with their work schedule. Because of this flexible scheduling, most Bender drivers are able to complete their shift in 10 hours and make it home every night by dinner time. 

Start Your Driving Career with Bender Transportation

At Bender, we treat our drivers as more than just a number, and we want that to be reflected in how you are treated in the workplace. Apply to be a professional operator today and learn what Bender can do for you!