Integrating Pre-Trip and Post-Trip Inspections into Company Culture

Working a commercial driving job comes with numerous unique benefits, but it also carries inherent risks. Being on the road for hours at a time can cause fatigue in drivers and even their vehicles, so it’s important to do vehicle inspections to try and detect possible issues before they arise.

Diligence in your inspections could save lives, and it’s important for you and your employer to emphasize these inspections and safety as a whole. At Bender, we want to be on the frontlines for the push of safer truck driving jobs in Florida and Georgia. With comprehensive training and installation of emphasis on safety, we can make the roads a safer place for everyone.

What Are We Inspecting?

Inspection checklists may seem overwhelming at first, but it’s imperative to make sure every item is looked over to ensure a safe journey. Here are the following items that need to be checked before the start of any drive:

Items to check with the engine off:

Items to check with the engine on:

The Importance of Inspections

One of Bender’s values that we care about more than anything is ensuring our drivers make it home safely every night. Our rigorous inspection expectations are key to accomplishing that goal day in and day out. At Bender, we want to foster a culture centered around safety in the workplace and make sure that all of our drivers are prioritizing their safety at every turn.

Not only do pre and post-trip inspections help ensure the safety of our drivers, but they also help save them time and stress by preventing delays that could arise from vehicle issues. This means you can safely complete deliveries on time and make it home to your family sooner. We are proud to have a driver retention rate much higher than the industry average due to our prioritization of the safety and time of our drivers, and we hope that the industry standard continues to improve over time.

For more information about how Bender is creating a culture of safety in the workplace, read more here. To apply to be a part of our team as we strive for safety, contact us here.