Be Home Daily & Earn Consistent Revenue with Steady Freight

Owner Operators are key to Bender Transportation’s success. If you are seeking a business partner for your truck or if you are a fleet owner with a few trucks, Bender Transportation offers steady year round freight for your business. When safety, quality, punctual service and a trusted and respected business partner is what you are looking for, Bender Transportation is the answer. Never hesitate to call us at (863) 873-0834 for more information.

The Best Support in the Industry

Why be a business partner with Bender Transportation as a port dray owner-operator or fleet owner? We provide the best support and benefits for those on our team and are here to support your goals.

  • Home Time – First Shift – Every day you are home for family and on time for dinner.
  • Dedicated customer with steady and predictable freight, every day!
  • Competitive rates and quick settlements every week.
  • Fuel program with steep price per gallon discounts for your business.
  • Competitive PD, Bobtail, and Occupational Accident Coverage offered.
  • Support for items such as settlements, maintenance, and safety.
  • Strong CSA scores due to our core value of safety.
  • 24/7 support from an experienced team with daily face-to-face interaction.
  • Communication-ELOG devices are provided at no cost to your business.
  • No administrative costs to you and your business at Bender Transportation.
  • Customer-owned and maintained weekly chassis.
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Work With Bender Transportation

If you are an owner-operator that is looking for a partner that is dedicated to you and your business, then look no further. For more information about our careers, requirements, and the benefits of working with Bender Transportation please apply below or call us at
(863) 873-0834.

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Need Help Financing a Truck?

We partner with Genesis Capital and will work with you to help start your business and purchase your dream truck. Contact our team for more information and requirement details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you become a Contractor with Bender Transportation?

    The Bender Transportation qualification process is built with you and your business in mind. As business professionals, we will work with you to answer all of your questions to determine what is best for your business. 

    First things first, as we determine we have a great opportunity for your business, we will work to get you or your operator qualified, work through the contract, determine your insurance needs and work to get your tractor set up to run. A key point we also emphasize is creating a great business relationship with your operational contact. When you do well, Bender Transportation does well.

  • What contractor programs does Bender Transportation have to help you be successful?

    Running your business is a moment of great pride and represents an advancement in your profession. You have many decisions to make each day while running your business and we have put in place programs to help you win!

    Bender Transportation’s purchasing power affords contractors some of the best overall price and insurance coverages in the industry. Examples include: 

    • Non-Trucking Auto Liability Insurance (Bobtail Insurance.)
    • Physical Damage Insurance.
    • Occupational Accident Insurance.
    • Fuel Surcharge- Owner-operators receive 100% of the fuel surcharge paid by the customer.
    • Fuel Program- Save thousands in fuel costs through Bender Transportation’s negotiated discounts at Love’s.
    • Bender Transportation will issue a fuel card and fuel purchases will be taken out of your weekly settlement, rather than out of pocket. 
  • What costs can a Contractor expect to have deducted from each settlement?

    At Bender Transportation, it is very straightforward. When you succeed, we succeed. We have eliminated costs in our contractor program and the only costs you will have are for fuel and insurance (see above for details on our contractor programs to help with these costs). We do not have administrative fees, communication charges, or charges for permits. Reduce your operating costs and make more with Bender Transportation.

  • What contractor opportunities are available with Bender Transportation?

    Contractors at Bender Transportation enjoy our current customer partnerships in the Savannah, GA and Brunswick, GA locations. We offer schedules that give our contractor partners the ability to work the first shift, have steady and consistent revenue opportunities, no-touch freight, and be home for dinner, every night!