Trucking Industry Job Growth

Ever since the emergence of the first modern truck in 1914, the trucking industry has continued to grow throughout history. Not only has the American trucking industry grown to include more than 1.5 million people, but it continues to prove that it serves as an integral part of society. 

The trucking industry has seen it all–from both World Wars to COVID-19, truck drivers have served as a constant for the American people and economy. When all else fails, truckers are there with unwavering dedication.

Trucker Driver Critical Roles

Just how important are truck drivers, you may ask? Well, 80% of American communities rely on trucks for an abundance of necessities–including, but not limited to medication and food. Truck drivers truly are the backbone of American society. When there is demand, truck drivers are there to supply. 

While the impact of truck drivers has never waivered, the attention to their tremendous work has definitely increased in a post-pandemic world. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry saw growth of 3.7% and it continues to increase today. With an abundance of shortages, drivers worked tirelessly to stock shelves, driving thousands of miles to ensure communities were in good hands, despite hard times. As an essential service, truck drivers truly serve as heroes amongst uncertainty. 

From the Start

Most people think of truck drivers delivering finished goods but their responsibilities span far beyond that. In fact, these final products would be nonexistent without drivers. Trucker drivers constantly deliver raw materials to respective manufacturers. From mines and farms, these intermediate materials are delivered to factories and warehouses for further processing or storing. A vast majority of final products would simply cease to exist without the contributions of truck drivers. 

As the world consumes more goods every year, the trucking industry continues to need more drivers to deliver these products. In fact, the world consumed 100 billion tons of materials in 2020, a number that is expected to rise every year.

What if Truckers Disappeared?

It’s clear that the impacts of truck drivers are far-reaching–in the past, present, and future. But where would we be without the trucking industry? Just how detrimental would their absence be?

First, let’s highlight the sheer amount of goods delivered by trucks. Annually, the industry sees more than $700 billion worth of truck-transported goods. As a large exporter to Canada and Mexico, the U.S. trucking industry accounts for a large portion of deliveries to our North American neighbors. Not only would the U.S feel the adverse effects, but so would our neighbors, as well as the entire world.

Starting with groceries, consumers would experience a plethora of shortages on the shelves. Mass panic would ensue, making shortages even more drastic. Besides food shortages, Americans would blow through their drinkable water supply in only two to four weeks. As far as critical healthcare supplies, millions of people would suffer, starting immediately. Without life-saving prescriptions and hospital necessities, the worst case scenario is extremely possible. 

Here at Bender

As has been made clear, time and time again, the trucking industry is a staple of American society. It’s clear presence in America shows that it’s not going anywhere. As the industry continues to grow, we are proud to be a part of such a transformative, integral, and established community. If you’re interested in joining the trucking industry, and more specifically, the Bender fleet, we are hiring! Come join us as a Professional Operator or an Owner Operator