5 Reasons to Become an Owner Operator

More than ever, the trucking industry is increasingly critical for the operations, processes, and overall economy of the nation. In fact, 80% of American communities heavily rely on trucks for medicine and food, among other essential items. At Bender Transportation, we take pride in our integral roles within local and nationwide communities. In business since 1984, Bender’s humble beginnings are still reflected in our company operations today. We know, value, and care for every employee–no matter what sector of the business one finds themselves in.

When it comes to the trucking industry, there are various paths available to pursue. Below, we will specifically highlight the role of an “Owner Operator” and why it is a great career choice to pursue at Bender Transportation!

Incredible Flexibility

As a business partner, owner operators experience heightened flexibility and freedom when it comes to decisions surrounding trips, freight, miles, etc. At Bender, owner operators can partner as port dray operators or fleet owners. Because owner operators are responsible for their own trucks, the risks (fuel, insurance, maintenance, and other expenses) are higher, but so are the rewards. Because you manage your own schedule, owner operators get to work in a manner that is best for themselves.

Admirable Salary

The trucking industry is notorious for upward mobility. Starting salaries quickly increase with hours worked and experience gained. Again, the upfront costs of being an owner operator are heftier than that of a normal truck driver. However, because owner operators actually own their fleets, their salaries have the potential to reflect six digits. The limits are boundless! The harder you work, the more revenue you will generate.

Significant Time at Home

At Bender, we know family is important. We recognize just how meaningful it is to be home with your family, whether that’s in time for dinner or for a tee ball game. The role of an owner operator allows for ample home time. Again, individuals get to manage and control their own schedules. Long hours on the road are little to none. You decide how much time you spend on the road, meaning the flexibility is simply unmatched!

Job Stability

Besides the incredible pay, owner operators can rest assured that their jobs are always in demand. With so much of the economy reliant on the trucking industry, owner operators have and always will be a crucial part of American society. In 2021, the trucking industry was responsible for nearly ¾ of all transported American freight. Trucking is essential to our nation’s functionality, just as owner operators are essential to the trucking industry!

Overall, a Magnificent Journey!

Ultimately, the life of an owner operator is exciting, adventurous, and action-packed. Get ready to ditch the typical office setting and set your eyes on the road ahead. There truly is no career like that of an owner operator. The opportunities to advance your career, travel to new places, and gain financial and personal freedom are truly unmatched. Come join the Bender fleet and begin your journey as an owner operator. Apply today!