Customer Service: Getting to the Heart of Bender

National Customer Service Week

Customer service is at the center of the nation’s economy, allowing consumers to be tended to day in and day out. To recognize these efforts, the U.S Congress declared the first full week of October as National Customer Service Week in 1992. In its 31st year of celebration, the week serves as a time to emphasize and commemorate the work of almost 30 million service workers across the U.S. As a customer service company itself, Bender understands just how important client relations and interactions are. Every day, we strive to deliver a best-in-class customer experience. Without our steadfast employees, Bender would cease to exist. For this reason, our commitment to customer service will never waiver.

At Bender

At the center of our work is a focus for serving our customers with top quality and care. We settle for nothing less than the best. To be trusted by our loyal customers is something Bender Transportation does not take lightly. We work to serve the needs of our community, within and outside of Bender. With varying sectors, Bender continues to evolve and progress, but one thing will always remain a priority: the ongoing dedication we provide to our customers.

Since the Start

Since 1984, Bender’s purpose has been twofold. While we are a business, we are truly a family first before anything else. Founded in Nebraska by Jim Bender, Jim always had a vision for a trucking service that put customers first. Even after Barrett Bostick’s acquisition of the company in 2018, the company’s desire to serve customers continues to remain at the forefront. From its humble beginnings, Bender will never lose its purpose for working hard every day: the customers who make it all possible. For this reason, we will continue to serve those who make it possible for us to continue on the Bender legacy.

Within Bender

At Bender, we know that without our incredible team, our customers would fail to receive the impeccable services they do. Therefore, top quality customer service is our utmost priority. In large companies, employees often become just another number. This could not be further from the truth in the Bender family. Not only is customer experience one of our core values, but so is that of the driver experience.

Don’t just take our word for it, hear it from our employees themselves. “I’m treated with respect and there’s open communication with my supervisors and peers,” says professional operator, Luis Antonio Alcaraz. 

Alcarez, who has driven over six million miles with Bender, appreciates the chance to grow and advance at the company. The level of service shown by the leadership teams is meant to inspire this same feeling in all Bender employees. With the welcoming environment Bender creates, Alcarez says he constantly feels “the opportunity for growth and advancement.”

Ultimately, we are all individuals with loved ones, families, friends, and varying interests. Life extends far beyond the work day. At Bender, we know and understand this well. 

I accepted an opportunity at Bender Transportation because it is a smaller company where you are not just another number. I was also looking for an opportunity that would allow me to have more home time,” explains professional operator, Scott Laurich.

With an unwavering commitment to serving our customers, as well as internal members, we continue to hold customer service as a central focus at Bender, not just this month, but always. Come join the Bender fleet and see for yourself–!