Why We Celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Perhaps some of the most essential, yet under-recognized workers are truck drivers. With 1.5 million truck drivers trekking American roads, they work tirelessly to transport vital items across the nation. To recognize and appreciate their tremendous efforts, every year the second week of September serves as “National Truck Driver Appreciation Week.” While more than 3.5 truck drivers transport 70% of the nation’s freight, their contributions to American society stretch far beyond this. In light of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, here are just a few of the many reasons they deserve recognition today and every day.

Unmatched Sacrifices

While most Americans work typical 9-5 jobs, truck drivers run on a different schedule. Under varying circumstances, it is possible that drivers may be away from their families for extended periods of time to better serve their community and the country at large. If a certain responsibility of them is expected, they deliver happily and effectively. Being a truck driver is no easy, run of the mill task. It requires continuous devotion and loyalty. Every day drivers sacrifice the comforts of their own lives to make our communities better. 

Disaster Relief Efforts

In a natural disaster, most civilians are instructed to flee the area. Yet, truck drivers instead run toward the danger to provide supplies that are crucial for preparation and recovery in a state of emergency. When disaster strikes, humans often find themselves in their most vulnerable state. As the world seems to be crumbling around them, truck drivers provide relief items that save lives. From shortages of food, water, and toiletries to gasoline and propane, truck drivers are there to step in when it counts the most. To call them anything short of heroes in these times of emergency is simply an understatement.

Backbone of American Businesses

Put simply, a majority of American businesses would cease to exist without the truck driving industry. About 3.5 million drivers contribute to the country’s daily supply chain, expediting items nationwide. Even smaller businesses need products that are delivered by truck drivers and only receive them due to their dedication and hard work. From ports to air cargo, drivers are there to carry out the next steps of the supply chain. Drivers are constantly receiving and sending out the latest news surrounding road closures, traffic, and delays. Their communication skills while out on the road are second to none.

Keep Our Roads Safe

As masters of the road, truck drivers are often tasked with being the eyes and ears of the road. With hours upon hours spent upon the nation’s busiest highways, drivers see and experience a lot on their journeys. With road expertise, they are hyper aware of their surroundings. If they observe a suspicious driver or a potential hazard, they are the first ones to report the dangers. Their extensive training allows them to stay alert, careful, and on the lookout constantly.

Simply Special Human Beings

As we applaud truck drivers for all they do on the road, we must keep in mind that outside of driving, these are remarkable humans. With passions spanning from music to partaking in marathons, truck drivers are unique and hold exceptional talents beyond the road. They are wise and well-traveled thanks to their countless journeys. Today and always, thank a truck driver for their far-reaching contributions. Join the Bender family as a Professional or Owner Operator to be a part of an extraordinary group of people!