5 Reasons to Consider a Career in Transportation and Logistics

It is no secret that truck drivers are crucial in our society. While this job may be tough at times and require a great amount of motivation, there are many perks to working in this industry. Read these five main reasons we think you should consider a career in Transportation and Logistics. 

1. Work With a Purpose

The sense of purpose held by those in the Transportation and Logistics industry far exceeds that of most other careers. They lay the foundation for an array of other industries around the world. In fact, without these workers, a substantial number of industries would simply fail to exist. The trucking industry gives way to the pharmaceutical industry, the gas and oil industry, the grocery industry, and beyond. In fact, the economy would quite literally crumble without transportation and logistics workers. Truck drivers can feel an immense sense of pride knowing that they are the backbone of thousands of industries, careers, and communities.

2. Maintain a Steady Income With Benefits

When searching for employment, income and benefits are often prioritized, and rightfully so. The miles driven as a truck driver quickly add up. Consequently, so does the money. Employers take longevity and dedication to the company largely into consideration, upping pay, benefits, and perks throughout the years. With Paid Time Off and multiple facets of health care covered, we know work-life balance is essential. At Bender, our turnover rate stands at ⅓ of the trucking industry. Due to our constant internal communication and employee care, drivers want to stay with us. Our employees’ constant commitment is recognized and rewarded.

3. Build Strong Relationships

If there’s one thing that’s prioritized in the transportation and logistics service industry beyond the work itself, it’s community. Constant communication is implemented everyday when working with a team. Relationships can grow outside of work, and may lead to lifelong friendships. Networking within the industry is vast, as connections are formed constantly. The trucking industry attracts a plethora of people, from different backgrounds, all with unique stories to tell. We encourage employees to lean on each other, and to seek and accept support from colleagues.

4. Stay Employed

In uncertain, everchanging times, job openings are often rare and fleeting. Yet, in our industry, this is never the case. In the midst of COVID-19, we learned that the transportation and logistics industry is especially crucial to a functioning society. In fact, the trucking industry alone bears responsibility for transporting 70% of the nation’s goods. There’s no denying that these positions are in high demand, now and always. Job security is a feeling like no other. In the trucking industry, this feeling is permanent.

5. Explore the Open Road Flexibly

The transportation and logistics industry is certainly unique, in that it’s not a typical 9-5 job. Truck driving jobs allow individuals extreme flexibility within their schedules. Beyond this, drivers can explore new cities and states. Every day brings something new — a statement that often cannot be said for most desk jobs. A new journey awaits every day. Join the transportation and logistics industry and consider a career at Bender to explore the endless opportunities as you trek the open road.

Join the Bender Team

Bender is here to stay, and so is the trucking and logistics industry. As we continue to grow and advance daily, we’re constantly looking for new, excited individuals to join the team. Consider applying to the Professional Operators or Owner Operators sectors. At Bender, we aim towards transforming our industry constantly. Join us and come be a part of evolution and innovation.