Our Commitment to Truck Driver Safety

Safety is a primary concern for most truck drivers who regularly travel on the open road for extended periods. When truck drivers research which company to partner with for their career, safety is a top priority. 

At Bender Transportation, safety is our first value because we place the well-being of our team members, customers, and communities at the forefront of all we do. Read on to learn more about how we ensure everyone at our company benefits from this philosophy. 

How We Practice Safe Driving 

Keeping our drivers safe impacts more than just them — it also keeps motorists on the road safe. 

1. We Encourage Safe Driving.

We encourage our truck drivers to practice defensive driving, which is being on the lookout for hazards around them so they can anticipate any potential dangers and make educated decisions to avoid accidents. 

Some defensive driving techniques include the following. 

2. We Conduct Pre-Trip and Post-Trip Inspections and Maintenance. 

Keeping your truck in good working order helps ensure trip safety, which is why we perform thorough inspections before and after your trips, performing any needed maintenance as soon as possible. 

3. Reduce Driver Distractions

Another important part of keeping our truck drivers safe is encouraging them to reduce the number of distractions they experience on the road. The Federal Motor Carrier Administration (FMCSA) names distracted driving as the foremost cause of truck driver accidents. These can be from looking at things along the roadside, eating or drinking while driving, or, most commonly, using a cellphone while operating the truck. We discourage our drivers from distracted driving because we know how dangerous it is for them — and the other drivers on the road. 

4. Take Proper Breaks to Rest

Tired drivers are as dangerous as distracted drivers, so we encourage our team members to take the time they need to rest before getting back behind the wheel. In addition to mandatory breaks, we ask our drivers to take breaks if they find they need them, reducing fatigue-related at-fault accidents and keeping our drivers and those on the road safer. 

Safety Initiatives

Another way we show our concern for driver safety is through our support of Operation Safe Driver Week, taking place across the US, Canada, and Mexico. This annual objective aims to improve driving behaviors for passenger vehicles and commercial motor vehicles. During this week, law enforcement officers will be on the lookout for drivers engaging in risky behaviors and will issue warnings or citations as needed to reiterate the importance of driving safety. 

Another invaluable initiative is Operation Safe Driver Program from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA). Similar to Operation Safe Driver Week, the goal of this initiative is to encourage driver safety and reduce the number of vehicle collisions involving commercial motor vehicles on the roadways. 

Bender Cares About Our Drivers

When you’re ready to join a team that puts your safety first, join the team at Bender Transportation. In addition to keeping you safe, we offer health care, time off, a referral program, and collaborative culture. Reach out to learn more.