Trucking in the Digital Age: How Bender Transportation Uses Technology to Improve Efficiency

Trucking in the digital age has brought about many advancements and improvements to the industry. While technology continues to improve every day, there are a few key areas in trucking that have seen significant progress thanks to technological advancements. Here at Bender Transportation, we try to stay on top of the influx of digital trends so we can aid our community and drivers as best as possible. Today, we’ll be going over the ways we’ve seen technology improve our lives and efficiency in the trucking industry.

How Is Technology Improving the Trucking Industry?

Gas Mileage

Over the past few years with increasing diesel prices, the trucking industry has become increasingly concerned with improving the gas mileage of their trucks and fleets. There are several factors that go into the efficiency of a truck’s gas mileage and can range from the driver’s behavior to the aerodynamics of the vehicle itself. In response to this concern, advancements in technology have significantly improved the fuel economy for transportation services. 

There are several ways technology has benefited truck fuel efficiency. Still, some of the most influential have been:

Fuel consumption management allows truck drivers and their companies to see what factors are contributing to gas mileage with real-time data. This removes the guessing game component of fuel consumption. You can know exactly what is affecting your fuel economy, so you can effectively address it. It also provides an opportunity to educate drivers on best practices to reduce fuel consumption or improve your fleet’s design to enhance aerodynamics depending on what factors you see are affecting you!

While trucks still have a long way to go before reaching the same levels as electric cars, the integration of electric engines with trucks has brought a number of advances to fuel efficiency. With hybrid solutions like turning off the vehicle when stopped and other e-smart features, electric-based solutions have already made an impact in transportation and logistics. Many businesses have dedicated themselves to switching entirely to electric vehicles in the future for their fleets. However, the organization of this is still in the works. In the meantime, progress continues to be made to help make this vision into reality. 

Route Optimization

With the rise of GPS improving the lives of everyday drivers, this impact has been felt by the trucking industry as well. Live-satellite GPS makes it possible for drivers to see alternate routes to avoid traffic, delays, and construction. GPS can take it a step further for truck drivers by showing them bridge weight limits, optimal times for travel, and overnight rest stops along their route. These features decrease shipping times and delays and help improve fuel economy by finding the most efficient routes available.

Artificial Intelligence

One of the most recent advancements in the trucking industry is artificial intelligence. AI has the benefit of combining all the above advancements and more into one place. AI is used in a variety of different ways in the trucking industry. It can help sort through and interpret data to generate predictive reports to further avoid shipping delays. Some companies use it in their dash cameras so they can help monitor driving behaviors and reinforce education where needed. AI can also work alongside GPS solutions to better optimize routes and driving times.

Bender Technologies began utilizing AI solutions over the pandemic so that we could better serve our communities by supplying much-needed products and services in an efficient manner. We now use it in our day-to-day to continue benefiting our drivers and customers. 

Bender Transportation Stays at the Forefront of Trucking in the Digital Age

At Bender Transportation, we want to be the very best at what we do. We are dedicated both to the communities that rely on us and our drivers that make what we do possible. We want to use technology to ensure our customers’ products arrive in-time and intact. If you want to work with a trucking company that stays up-to-date and remains at the forefront of trucking in the digital age,  allowing job to run smoothly and efficiently, apply for our professional operator or owner operator positions today!