How to Get Home More Frequently as a Truck Driver

If you’re a truck driver, you likely have grappled with the tension between spending more time on the road for financial reasons or more time at home to invest in your personal relationships. The good news is that today’s trucking industry offers more opportunities for a healthier work-life balance in which you don’t have to choose between money and time off.

When you choose a company like Bender Transportation that values providing an enriching professional and personal life for our drivers, you can have both. Read on to learn more about how we offer our drivers the best of both worlds.

1. Dedicate Yourself to a Single Account

When you choose to work a dedicated account, it means that you only haul for a single customer. You get to enjoy more home time, depending on the customer’s needs, and have some autonomy in choosing how often you want to be off the road. Customers enjoy our consistent, quality service while our drivers enjoy a more predictable schedule. At Bender, 90% of our drivers are home daily, reinforcing that this is something we’re passionate about for our drivers.

2. Get a Local Driving Job

Finding a local driving gig allows you to be home daily or weekly with your family. Bender Transportation offers 90% local jobs and hires across Florida, Georgia, Northwest Arkansas, and Omaha, Nebraska, providing competitive wages and the opportunity to be home when you want.

Local driving gives you and your family a stable routine. And as you generally will haul goods for specific stores, it allows you to foster relationships with the people there as you interact with them regularly.

3. Be Flexible With Your Schedule

One way to possibly earn more home time as a truck driver is to be willing to work on weekends or holidays, perhaps when other drivers aren’t. This could lead to you having more time to enjoy yourself at home over the course of the year.

4. Stick With It

Driver schedules tend to improve over time, so the longer your length of service, the greater chance at choosing your own route. As a new driver, you may need to drive routes that are less desirable to you, but once you’re an established driver, you could be first in line for acquiring the prime routes everyone wants.

Bender Transportation Wants You Home

At Bender Transportation, our drivers’ quality of life is of the utmost importance to us — and that goes far beyond providing the best benefits and equipment in the industry. We also do all we can to ensure that our drivers get to be at home as much as possible while still providing our customers with the exemplary service they’ve come to know and trust from our experienced team. Reach out to us today to start or grow your career as a professional operator or owner operator on our driving team!