3 Reasons Trucking Industry Jobs are Recession Proof

As recent panic over a looming threat of recession grows, it’s time to ensure you’re in a stable job to make it through economic changes. So what does the future look like for truck drivers? We’re here to tell you that trucking jobs are here to stay and are a safe career even in a recession. Check out why we believe that the trucking industry is recession proof.


The trucking industry is responsible for over 72% of the nation’s freight by weight. It would be an impossible feat for the remainder of the transportation industry to take on this staggering load. 

We have already seen an ongoing shortage of drivers in recent years that has greatly impacted demand. Most trucking companies are doing everything in their power to hire more drivers. Not only is there high demand for more drivers but there is also demand for more materials. 

Trucking careers are not only a necessity for the transportation of goods but to the everyday lives of Americans. From grocery stores to construction sites, millions of items are delivered because of transportation workers. 


Beyond the entry-level truck driver positions, there are many different specializations to pursure. If you’re just getting started in the industry and you want to be proactive in preparing for a recession, research these areas for career advancement.

These options are especially stable careers because they fulfill needs that will never go away. For example, we will always have hazardous waste to dispose of. To qualify for these higher-paying positions you may be required to go through training and acquire specific certifications.

Various Industries Within Trucking

Transportation services are used for anything from food to furniture. If one sector takes a hit during a recession, other industries will still hold strong and provide contracts for fleets. 

During the height of the pandemic, medical supply companies had an extreme demand that needed delivery services to function. While other industries may have faltered, industries like medical supplies kept the trucking industry going. History has proven that there will always be a necessity for the transportation of goods even if the specific products change over time. 

Finding A Trucking Career That’s Right For You

It’s important to feel stability in your career and confidence in your company during uncertain times. At Bender Transportation, we consider our employees family. Every choice we make benefits not only the business but also our drivers. 

If you’re looking to find a professional operator position at a company that supports your needs, visit our careers page today!